Why a Triangulation Cupping is Important in Your QC Routine?

November 29, 2023

It’s very common for roasters to fall into the trap of confirmation bias. ⠀

Let’s say you want to make some changes in a profile to make the coffee tastes better. You have a concept and a theory for that. ⠀

Now, while breaking the crusts, you’re already expecting the difference to be palatable. Even during a blind session, you start analysing and thinking about those differences, what caused them, which approach will be better. All those racing thoughts only make you biased and less objective. We like clinging to our theories.⠀

The best solution to see if those differences even exist is a double blind triangulation cupping. Make sets (2-1) of old and new approaches in different combinations and orders. Firstly, make sure if the differences are clearly palatable. Then check if your preferences are repeated consistently. If yes, then decide if it’s worth going for it!

Our Roasting Tips are brought to you by Piotr Jeżewski (88 Graines Q Grader & Sourcing Director)


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