Too Fast? Or too Slow? Here’s a Lifehack!

January 13, 2024

A lifehack when you’re to slow or to fast comparing to your reference?

If something caused you being out of track, make sure you catch up / slow down your roast as much as you can till 10 degrees (Celsius) before the first crack temperature point THE LATEST!

Then replicate your RoR values from the first crack till the end of the roast, like in your reference. Keeping the same development time as in your reference should result in hitting the same (or very similar) color in that case.

When you’re slower, your total roast time will be longer and the end temperature lower. When you’re faster, your total roast time will be shorter and the end temperature higher.

But yet again – for all that to work well you have to replicate your RoR values thoroughly while hitting the same development time.

Our Roasting Tips are brought to you by Piotr Jeżewski (88 Graines Q Grader & Sourcing Director)


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