La Fila
El Higuerón
La Fila
El Higuerón
La Fila
El Higuerón


Costa Rica


San Jose Province, Brunca region, Chirripo

Altitude (masl)

1,300-1,825 m.a.s.l.


catuai, caturra, villalobos, geisha, SL28, hybrids & experimental cultivars

Finca La Maravilla

The Story

There are three main things that we love about the Ureña’sfarm and business model. It’s how well organized it is, with each family member working on specific tasks they specialize in. During our stay at the farm we observed the full circle of their independence. Through the years of sustainable grow they’ve managed to take control of every step of the coffee production, literally from picking the cherry, through processing and dry milling, to loading and sealing the container which they export independently.

It’s the high sustainability factor. The biodiversity on the farm is amazing, with many indigenous plants and trees all over the plantations. (And all those incredible views, oh man…) The system of proper shade management, fertilization based on annual soil analysis, a truly minimal usage of water during the processes and a full traceability of the final products – this all made me greatly impressed and sure we’re dealing with 100% pros here!

La Fila

A “fila” means “row” and the plantation’s name refers to a part of the land that is more exposed to wind and sun, making growing conditions for any plants harder. Especially here a proper shade management is vital to achieve high scoring coffee and in this case banana trees do a great job!

What’s super interesting, this plantation located at around 1600 masl is planted with the villalobos cultivar we’ve never cupped before. It’s a natural mutation of typica that used to be grown before the introduction of caturra and catuai in Costa Rica back in the 60’s. Villalobos is very consistent between crops and regains its strength quickly after the picking season. It also captivated us on a cupping table, showcasing a deep fruity, saturated character. One of our favourite profiles for sure!

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