Finca Las Rosas
Finca Las Rosas
Finca Las Rosas




Santa Teresa, OCOTEPEQUE

Altitude (masl)

1250 - 1280masl


Obata, Lempira and Icatú

Jaime got into coffee early in life and worked at the farm with his father who passed away when Jaime was only 18.
The following harvest season, the coffee crop was nearly decimated by rust but Jaime made a commitment to his mother to make the farm work and recover.

Determined to secure his farm’s future, he gradually acquired expertise in coffee cultivation and processing while pursuing
an education in agronomy, specializing in coffee plants.

Currently employed as the technical coordinator of CAFESMO, Jaime continues to diligently manage his inherited farm,
with invaluable support from his mother and sister.

In 2018, they achieved a significant milestone by producing their first micro-lot, which received a cupping score of
85, but their determination drove them to aim for even higher quality in the upcoming harvest.

As for their farm, it benefits from abundant shade provided by cuajiniquil trees, local vegetation, and a natural sweet-gum barrier separating it from the road and neighboring plots.

Their coffee holds FTO certification, and they offer micro-lots. Moreover, their farm proudly bears the Rain Forest Alliance certification.

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