Finca La Maravilla
Las Codornices
Finca La Maravilla
Las Codornices
Finca La Maravilla
Las Codornices





Altitude (masl)

1,500-1,850 m.a.s.l.


Bourbon, Caturra, Pacamara, Geisha, Catuai

Finca La Maravilla

The story

Finca La Maravilla is located in the high mountains of the Huehuetenango region. In 1997 Mauricio and his father Guillermo purchased a small fragment of the wonder land and called it just that. During that time the farm was accessible only by foot or horseback.

Today, thanks to Mauricio’s persistence and hard work the road leading to the farm has been improved dramatically and became reachable by car.

Till this day, there is no electricity at the farm (only a generator that runs few hours a day) but that doesn’t stop Mauricio to implement continuous improvements to wet and dry processes at his farm.

Despite the challenges he has been able to build a wet mill with fermentation tanks, Patios and raised beds for drying coffees and all that to produce the highest quality cup possible.

Mauricio’s passion for coffee keeps him focused on not only coffee quality improvement but also involvement and support for people that work directly with him. He puts a lot of effort to make sure that despite of challenging topography and infrastructure he provides everything he can to create better working conditions for people that work extra hard to acheive excellence in the final cup.

This is our fourth year working directly with Mauricio. We were able to observe and learn the local customs and culture, meet the local community and find out their needs.

Thanks to this information we can find new ways to provide support and aid that is actually required.

Last harvest we had the pleasure to assist Mauricio in wet coffee processing and quality control. We got to know his family and we became a coffee family. We are looking forward to continue and develop our relationship.

In Mauricio’s case it’s been always done with a lot of care, love and laughter.

We are always excited to revisit La Maravilla’s beautiful and breathtaking landscape and enjoy the walking adventure thru the mountain hills and wilderness.

Year 2020 has been particularly special and rewarding for FINCA LA MARAVILLA as the farm has been announces a Cup Of Excellence winner.

We are proud and we are clebrating together this fantastic news. We are looking forward to many more to come.

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