San Jose Del Lago
Las Codornices
San Jose Del Lago
Las Codornices
San Jose Del Lago
Las Codornices





Altitude (masl)

1,565-2,100 m.a.s.l.


Caturra, Bourbon, Typica

Finca Jose Del Lago

The story

Finca San Jose del Lago is definitely a must visit farm! It is located in the western highlands of Guatemala in the department of Solola overlooking beautiful lake ATITLAN and not one but three majestic volcanoes – ATITLAN, SAN PEDRO and TOLIMAN.

The farm covers 200 hectares of which 45 hectares is cultivation of coffee. The rest of the area is a natural reserve and each time we visit we enjoy the untouched nature and the wildlife that finds its home there.

San José del Lago altitude spreads between 1.565 bordering the lake to 2.100 m.a.s.l. in the mountains.

The farm family history goes back all the way to the beginning of 1900’s and first coffee planting begun in 1940’s. After the coffee crisis in the 1990’s the family decided to diversify and also included bananas and most recently avocados as an additional crop. Nevertheless coffee has always been the family’s number one passion and love.

We are so excited to finally present coffee from San Jose del Lago farm. We met Eduardo, the owner of this enchanting farm in the year 2017. We immediately fell in love with the spectacular views of volcanoes and of course the famous lake ATITLAN.

At that time the farm was only producing coffee to sell in cherries as there was no access to a processing facility. Luckily, Eduardo has been working very hard the last few years and was able to invest and construct a small wet mill on the farm premises. Thanks to his dedication we are now able to enjoy his amazing coffees.

Social Responsibility

Finca San Jose del Lago has supported the local community for many years; donated land for the construction of the local school and health assistance center. Also, frequent donations of medicines for the health center.

Natural Resources

The farm has strict rules that prohibit hunting and logging in the farm. More than 3⁄4 of the farm are part of an amazing conservation area, in which many animals and birds live. Bird watching is amazing on the farm! The most important natural resource is, of course, the lake. The farm has been cleaning its shore with the lake, besides leaving a buffer area from the coffee plantation to the lake.

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