Finca El Cucurucho
Finca El Cucurucho
Finca El Cucurucho




El Ocotillo, Santa Barbara

Altitude (masl)



Catuai Amarillo 60%, Ihcafe 90 40%

Carlos’ connection to the rich coffee heritage of his family stems from his father, Daniel Ulloa. Their coffee journey commenced back in the 1970s when Daniel began cultivating coffee. Over the years, they sold their harvest to Don Cantalicio Paz, who was the grandfather of Benjamin and Arturo.

Carlos joined his father in this endeavor during his formative years and adolescence.
At the age of 21, Carlos transitioned to a role in the administrative sector of Exportadora San Vicente. He played a
pivotal role during San Vicente’s transition to an exporting entity and contributed to the inception of the specialty coffee

His 18-year tenure there afforded him significant experience in post-harvest management and coffee export.
In 2013, Carlos joined a collective of regional producers dedicated to obtaining socio-environmental certifications like
Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.

In 2018, he acquired a property in the lofty Santa Barbara Mountains, intending to build a cabin for tourism purposes.

In 2022, he seized an opportunity to purchase a neighboring property with a neglected coffee farm. Carlos embarked on the task of rejuvenating the farm to produce specialty coffees, marking his inaugural year preparing micro lots from this venture.

Carlos envisions cultivating 2 hectares of high-quality specialty coffee, driven not by economic gain but by his unwavering passion for coffee and the joy it brings to produce beans highly esteemed abroad.

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