Finca Don Andres
Finca Don Andres
Finca Don Andres




Las Flores, Santa Barbara

Altitude (masl)



Bourbon20%, Catuai 50%, Parainema 15%, Pacas 15%

Javier and his brothers were introduced to the world of coffee farming at a tender age, where they played an integral role in
supporting their grandfather and father on the family farm.

They were the dependable pillars that enabled their father’s progress in the coffee industry and provided him with the means for a respectable livelihood.

Their initial foray into coffee farming was marked by adversity. Their farms were situated in remote areas, far removed from road access. To transport agricultural supplies and coffee, they relied on mules to navigate rugged paths, often spanning
distances exceeding 4 kilometers.

At the age of 18, Javier received a plot of land as an inheritance from his father, a parcel of less than one hectare. With unbridled enthusiasm, he planted Catuai coffee. Recognizing his son’s passion for coffee cultivation, Javier’s father continued to extend his support.

Javier poured his heart and soul into nurturing his small farm while simultaneously assisting his father with his own agricultural ventures. As the years passed, his father bequeathed more uncultivated lands, further expanding
Javier’s coffee-growing domain.

In 2007, Exportadora San Vicente approached Javier and his brother, recognizing the potential for specialty coffees in their production.

That same year, Javier entered the COE (Cup of Excellence) competition and achieved the distinction of being among the finalists. This accolade opened doors for
him, allowing him to secure favorable sales for his coffee.

Since that pivotal moment, Javier has been galvanized to uphold the quality of his coffee. He diligently endeavors
to refine his processes and farm management techniques, all with the overarching goal of achieving sustainability in his coffee cultivation.

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