El Zapote
Las Codornices
El Zapote
Las Codornices
El Zapote
Las Codornices





Altitude (masl)

1,300-1,500 m.a.s.l.


Caturra, Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Geisha, H1, Pacamara, Maragogype

El Zapote

The Story

Finca El Zapote is located in the coffee heart of Acatenango right in the middle of the town, Socorro. Julio, the owner of the farm has dedicated all his life to growing and carrying for coffee.

Julio’s coffee goals are very precise and specific and each year he takes steps to reach them. His main focus is quality of course but also quality achieved in a
sustainable way with respect for the environment and people.

4 years ago Julio has renovated his wet mill to limit water consumption and that way be more environmentally friendly as well as efficient in wet coffee processing.

In the last couple of years Julio has been focusing on planting new varieties like H1 hybrids and the result has been not only high quality cup but also higher volume production. Another focus on his farm is drying methods.

He has designed and constructed 3 leveled raised beds system that allows him to experiment with different ideas and techniques to dry and process coffee.

In 2022 he also started experimenting with anaerobic process and has been growing and expanding his coffee offer.

Finca El Zapote holds three certifications: Rainforest Allience, Utz Café and 4C which also assures environmental sustainability.

The coffees from Finca El Zapote represent Julio’s strong character, dedication and love for life in coffee.

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