Boa Vista
Boa Vista
Boa Vista




Campo Das Vertentes

Altitude (masl)

1143 m.a.s.l


Mundo Novo, Acaiá, Yellow Catuaí, Red Catuaí, Yellow Catucaí, Red Catucaí, Topázio, Obatã

Luiza Vilela Barreira’s journey is deeply intertwined with the world of coffee. From her earliest memories, she found herself immersed in the rhythms of coffee cultivation, eagerly anticipating the harvest seasons.

Despite initially pursuing a career in medicine, Luiza’s path took an unexpected turn with the passing of her father, compelling her to return to her roots and take the helm of the family coffee business. With a profound admiration for her father’s dedication to the coffee industry, Luiza not only inherited his passion but also embraced the responsibility of preserving his legacy, particularly in the realm of specialty coffee.

Hailing from the Campo das Vertentes region, Luiza’s connection to the land and its rich coffee heritage runs deep. Assuming leadership of the family’s enterprise in 2021, Luiza’s journey as a coffee entrepreneur began long before, as her father imparted invaluable knowledge and values, shaping her into a capable steward of their coffee legacy.

Committed to fulfilling her father’s vision, Luiza envisions continual expansion of coffee cultivation, always striving to elevate the quality of their produce to meet the exacting standards of the specialty coffee market.

Situated in the idyllic municipality of Carmo da Mata, Fazenda Boa Vista stands as a testament to generations of dedication to coffee excellence. Blessed with fertile soil, optimal altitude, and a favorable climate, the farm is perfectly suited for producing specialty coffee of the highest caliber. Central to Fazenda Boa Vista’s ethos is a steadfast commitment to training and nurturing its workforce, recognizing that excellence in coffee production hinges on the continuous improvement of its team. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Luiza aims to not only enhance the farm’s performance but also empower its staff to realize their full potential, even in the face of adversity.

Beyond the confines of her farm, Luiza is a passionate advocate for gender equality within the coffee industry. Through her involvement in the Nascentes project, she champions the inclusion and empowerment of women, affirming their invaluable contributions to every aspect of coffee cultivation. By challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers, Luiza endeavors to elevate the status of women in agribusiness, fostering a more inclusive and equitable coffee value chain for all.

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