Know Your Machine!

December 18, 2023

Roasters are often arguing about approaches. “What RoR do you use to enter the crack?”, “Do you really roast washed Guatemalans faster than 10 minutes?!”, “What’s your end temp?” And so on. 

The graph below presents two roasts of the same coffee, with the same batch size, roasted for the same purpose on one roaster. Why the red roast is longer, with lower RoR and much higher start temperature even though the burner application is sky-high and reaches 100%?⠀

The blue one has been roasted with… a scrubbed clean probe. Then the probe has been bent a little bit toward the center of the beans’ mass. The result: higher accuracy, quicker reactions, less noise and different readings. Also different heat transfer, since the client doesn’t have to use excessive burner power anymore, increasing conduction and risking burning the beans from the outside. Not to mention about fuel savings ;-)⠀

My 6 Celsius per 60 seconds might be your 3 Celsius! When a 9-minute roast works for me, it doesn’t mean it has to work for you! ⠀

Our Roasting Tips are brought to you by Piotr Jeżewski (88 Graines Q Grader & Sourcing Director)


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