Don’t be Afraid to Cup Straight Away!

January 7, 2024

The need for fresh coffee to degas is reasonable and from our (totally anecdotal!) experiences, many coffees indeed taste way more transparent and silky one week or longer after roasting.

But as a roaster you have to be able to cup coffees extremely fresh, even the same day you had your production. High quality coffees taste just phenomenal no matter what.

But more importantly, one should detect potential green or roasting defects straight away.

You can always grind your cups and wait 10-15 minutes before pouring water in order for the coffee to degas. Being calibrated to the taste of super fresh coffees and the ability to brew them correctly is hugely beneficial to your QC skills!

Our Roasting Tips are brought to you by Piotr Jeżewski (88 Graines Q Grader & Sourcing Director)


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