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Our Story

"We are a coffee seed sown in the ground of connections"

88 Graines is based on creating a collaborative social model in coffee sourcing between coffee producers and independent coffee roasters / roasting companies / future barista champions. We promote the young generation of coffee producers and families involved in coffee production and business.

Extraordinary things
happen with

Take two girls that once connected in a small polish town high school. During their time apart, each lived their own journey of life experiences and adventures that were strongly driven by passion. Parted, to be reconnected 16 years later in a coffee farm in a tiny Bolivian village.


All the stars aligned for them to reconnect in this particular moment of their lives when their one and only priority was their values. More importantly, both were ready to connect, communicate and engage into something extraordinary. They were ready to create and share their ideas, experiences and passion with more understanding, transparency, ethical and environmental responsibility with all the connecting elements. Their new chapter has begun.


Adventuring together through South and Central American countries enabled them to connect and create new relationships with valuable coffee producers and coffee farms.


Our Values

“ We intend to observe, respect and understand coffee production needs and goals and find ways to implement the most efficient and equitable strategies in place with respect for communities, cultures and environment.”

Welcome to the world of our passion – a world where coffee is not just an everyday drink, but a unique experience for the senses.Our company sources and imports high quality coffees from farms around the world. We would like to share our values which are the foundation of our business and influence every aspect of our work.

88 Graines


We aim to make a difference in the lives of the people who produce the thing we love: coffee. We live in coffee origin countries and work directly with coffee producers. We believe that connecting farmers with roasteries/consumers, promoting equal trading conditions will empower farmers to improve their coffee business operations and create a better understanding of coffee quality standards.


We aim to learn, support and achieve optimal economical and environmental sustainability not only for our coffee partners but for the whole coffee production chain. We intend to observe, respect and understand coffee production needs and goals and find ways to implement the most efficient and equitable strategies in place with respect for communities, cultures and environment.
88 Graines
88 Graines


We believe that the future of coffee depends on the involvement of the young generation in the coffee sector. Therefore, we support youth that pursue coffee farming through providing guidance in coffee processing and connection to a network of people engaged in coffee business.


Improving gender equality by empowering and inspiring women in various roles within the international coffee community is beneficial to raise economic productivity, improving quality, promote health and inheritance of desire for the young generation to be involved in the future coffee business.
88 Graines

Our History

Our story began with passion for coffee and a desire to discover unique flavors from different parts of the world. We love the complexity and dynamics of coffee and of course we adore our coffee relationships with amazing people that initiated our beautiful journey.


We are driven to support the mission of consistently bringing high quality coffees to the global market and share coffee stories that are hidden behind every cup.

Coffee adventures at origin

Adventuring through South and Central American countries allowed us to connect and establish new relationships with amazing coffee producers and farms.

Establishing company

It took us a while to shape, structure and form our coffee project and we were happy to launch it in 2018.

Bringing first coffee container from Guatemala

Coffee requires planning and solid relationships. 
This year we were able to connect the “coffee dots” all the way from Guatemala to Europe. Landing of the first container with delicious coffees was a success! 

Coffee from Honduras is joining us in Europe

We live in Guatemala on a regular basis so why not visit a next door neighbor? Adding Honduran coffee to our coffee menu was another “coffee dot” to connect.

Spicing it up with Bolivia!

An exotic and logistically super challenging origin was naturally added to our coffee family. 
It was a sentimental experience as Jola worked two harvests in Bolivia.

“Coffee stars” aligned in Brazil

Things got serious in Brazil. This year we established an amazing relationship with a small coffee cooperative and we’ve been working together ever since.

Our Costa Rican coffee adventure begins

First coffees landed in Europe and immediately found their homes. Pura vida!

Working hard in Guatemala

We are growing in volume and source coffees for larger roasters that appreciate a consistent cup and relationships with producers.

Time for growth in Honduras

Our micro and nano lot selection became so popular that it was only natural for us to grow and develop more coffee relationships.

It is time for something exotic. Myanmar has landed!
We are excited to add nano lots from Asia. It was a challenge to bring it to Europe but we were thrilled to experience the excitement of the European coffee roasters.
Brazil takes over the coffee spot!
Woohoo! People in Europe are crazy for our Brazilian coffee selection and we are growing fast!
A very special moment! Launching the website!
We decided to design a system that will allow micro, nano and home roasters to enjoy different coffees on a regular basis. Purchasing 1kg and up of green coffee will allow you to rotate your stock constantly, avoiding a high financial risk.

The Team

“A strong and driven team can take on any vision and turn it into reality.”

We are a group of enthusiasts united by a common curiosity for coffee. It’s fascinating for us how many paths coffee has taken us through and led us to discover amazing places in the world and to meet even more amazing people. Coffee is our connecting element.



I started my experience with coffee in the Australian coffee scene. Working as a Barista and a Cafe Manager gave me a broad understanding of coffee consumer wants and needs.

After 5 years of developing coffee skills I’ve decided to continue my coffee path in coffee producing countries.

I spent two harvests working in the Bolivian coffee mill and next my heart led me to Guatemala, a small Central American country with abundance of amazing and diverse coffee and people.

I have been sourcing coffees and developing relationships ever since as well providing support for coffee producers that decide and desire to develop and improve their coffee practices and coffee quality.

What I love about coffee:

"Learning, accepting and appreciate coffee, people, nature and cultures involved in coffee production"



For almost 8 years, I had the pleasure to develop worldwide Food & Beverage activities for Pierre Hermé Paris. It included prestigious coffee concept in partnership with Dior and collaboration with diverse palaces and five stars hotels: Raffles, Ritz Carlton, Morpheus Hotel to name a few.

My years of professional experience in developing companies taught me that everything is possible and every connection happens for a reason.

What I love about coffee:

"Creating long-lasting connection with coffee producers & clients worldwide, discovering incredible places where coffee is grown and share coffee experiences with you"



I started my coffee career almost a decade ago. Soon after my dream was clear: to go through the whole specialty coffee value chain and arrive at the very end – working directly with coffee producers. Starting as a newbie barista I was slowly getting experience and expertise. I then worked as a cafe manager and barista trainer. 

Eventually I’ve received roasting training from the World Roasting Champion, Audun Sorbotten. I’ve always been lucky with people!

For a couple of years now I’ve been working with coffee roasteries providing support and maintaining development of projects. I’m a Q-Grader consulting companies of various sizes and designing management systems which connect roasting and sensory skills with data analysis and QC procedures. The main goal is always to highlight the quality and consistency of the product.

What I love about coffee:

"Its volatility and complexity that always push you to learn more. Also because of all those beautiful landscapes you gotta see!"

Explore our collaborating coffee farms

Take a journey through the origin countries and get familiar with each individual coffee farm and producer.

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